Why Turkey Has The Best Hair Transplant Centers?

Turkey places in the top 5 in the world of health tourism. The most important factor is the economical situations. Hair transplant sector gained over $ 1 billion in 2018. One of the biggest factor is the best hair transplant centers are placed in Turkey.

Over the past 10 years, health tourism sector of Turkey began to come to the fore with modern treatments. Turkey has become a stopover point for patients from all over the world who want to serve in many different treatments, especially hair transplantation. Affordable prices, successful results in the field of treatments, quality services and modern technology are the most important criterias for health tourism in Turkey.

USA is the major competitor of Turkey in the field of health tourism. However USA has some difficulties about transportations, accommodation, visa issues, expensive treatment prices and communications with clinics. Because of it, the patients are focusing the nearby alternatives . Turkey did lots of health investments, educated quality doctors and create the modern hospital brands. Turkey is providing hair transplantation operations with much more affordable prices in European standards. The successful operations are also attracting attention of Arab countries. Hair transplantation patients who are coming from European countries increased up to 4-5 times the total number of Arab patients. This indicates that the acceleration will increase in the coming years for hair transplant operations.

The current value of world health tourism is over $ 200 billion. There are thousands of doctors and institutions that want to be in this value. The most important value is the patient's comfort and a healthy solution.

As SEM, we are continuing our extensive work for the next 10 years as among the best hair transplantation centers in Turkey. At the beginning of our goals, we set out that our patients are primarily our guests. We have a collaboration with licensed institutions and competent doctors to work in the health sector with the most modern methods.

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