Botox and Dermal Fillers

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Due to the dynamic nature of the facial region, mimics that work due to the muscles can cause wrinkles, line formation and sagging. In addition to age-taking, genetic predisposition in skin structure, loss of elasticity and environmental factors can appear some problems of aesthetical appearance . We recommend you an aesthetic treatment method that includes fillings and Botox applications to give your face a youthful and dynamic appearance.

The imperfections which occur arround the face can be corrected by fillers injected under the skin. We can correct: wrinkles on the skin, fill pits on the face, balance asymmetric conditions in the nose area, increase the volume of the cheekbones and close the gust lines of the goose's feet or lip edge by the facial fillers. However, it is always our priority to do all of these operations with the qualities specialists. Botox and fillings are performed by doctors who are knowledgeable about all the aesthe-tic treatments.

It is easy applied, painless procedure. You won't have any scars after the procedure.

With Filler and botox your skin will look more refreshed.

During the skin examination experts will determine the structure of the skin. They choose all the special treatments for all of the areas: the eye area, lip edge, cheekbones, forehead, nose and entire facial area. The doctors use in some of the areas fıllers and in some of the areas botox.

Botox is a method by which you can correct your wrinkles and lines that occur with age. In fact, Botox is a medical protein derived from  "Clostridium botulinum".

Fillers are applied to reshape the face form, remove slump-based wrinkles. The fıllers consist of  hyaluronic acid, supportive vitamins of FDA.
The problems such as: aging, stress, exposure to sunlight, smoking, toxins in the living area, other factors such as improper diet and menopause accelerate skin cells and wrinkles form. While the issue of ageing is inevitable for everyone, we offer different combined methods to reduce the effects of such situations.

Where are the botox and fillers applied?

Botox and fillers are a combined treatment that we recommend to patients who have problems with their skin, especially in the face and neck area. The appropriate age range for application is between  18-65.

Mostly preferred areas for Botox:

- Fine lines formed around the mouth
- Lines around eyes and goose feet
- Wrinkles and streaks on the neck,
- Lines between two eyebrows caused by frowning,
- Forehead lines.

Besides of these areas, botox can be useful for:  involuntary novelization of eyelids, treatment of tics, neck aesthetics known as nefertiti, chronic headache and migraine treatments, lip lines, nose edges known as Rabbit line, nose tip Lift, eyebrow lift.

Mostly preferred areas for fillers:

* Lines running down the edge of the nose (nasolabial)
* Lines between nose and mouth (Philtral lines))
* Nose surgery without operation
* Lip plumping
* Forehead lines
* Deformations after accidents and traumas
* Cheek and cheekbones
* Collapses in the temple region.

How Fillers and Botox are applied?

We will offer you all the special treatments for your skin problems. First of all, you should pass pre-consultation with your plastic surgeon. The specialist will share recommendations and will evaluate your demands. Before the application, he will make an examination of your skin. For each skin type and novelties, suggestions can vary.

The Fillers and Botox procedure performed under the local anesthesia. Our specialist use cream which contain the local anesthesia. The injections are done by thin needles, you wont feel any pain. After the procedure in 10-15 minutes, you should apply ice to the skin. Since the injection is done under the skin, it wont pass through the bloodstream and the needle marks descend in a very short time. The effect of the transactions starts to be seen within 2 weeks.

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