Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation-also known as augmentation mammoplasty-is a plastic surgery to increase the breast size by silicone implants or by a fat injection from patients own body. 

The doctors of the SEM team will recommend you the best treatment after the analyze: structure of the breast, sizes, skin elasticity. Every woman wants to have a beautiful breast. Sometimes the breast tissue may lose volume and fade because of the problems as; pregnancy, age-related weight loss, the breast may have double or one-sided development problems. In these cases we preferre to do the breast augmentation surgery to get an aesthetical, natural results.

Who Can Do The Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery should be planned according to the patient's body structure, skin texture and demand in such a way that the doctor agrees. If you think that your breasts are not big enough or the shape of breast needs to be aesthetically corrected, you may be a good candidate.

To have a breast augmentation operation, first of all the development of your breast structure should be completed. You must be 18 years old. However, since breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, your overall health needs to be ready for it.

The satisfaction after the operation, depends on the success of the surgery, and your realistic expectations. The structural changes that will be achieved in the end of breast augmentation surgery will be explained to you in details by your doctor.

How we do the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In breast augmentation  surgery, the prostheses which are selected for you can be placed in 4 different  areas. These are; armpit, nipple circumference, under breast and belly incision.

The surgeon may make a cut around the edge of your areola, this is the darkened area around your nipple. But for this kind of technique the milk ducts may need to be cuted. If the cut is under the breast, breast glands and milk ducts wont be damaged. The healing process depends on a faint scar that is under the breast. If there is an anomaly at the site of adhesion to the chest wall, this problem can be easily corrected as well.

In the armpit and navel incisions,  the breast prosthesis should be placed under the armpit. After surgery on scars may be seen a mild redness, it will  become indistinct by the time. With the help of these incisions we can easily open the place at the breast glands or breast muscle to place the prosthesis.


Treatment Summary

  • Number of Operations
  • Operation Duration
  • Anesthesia
  • Side Effects
  • Return to Work
  • Full Recovery
  • Permanency
  • Hospitalization

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