Sapphire FUE technique is choosing by our doctors and clinics for your comfort during the operation and for geting natural results.
Micro sapphire tips can open the channels in minimal sizes and it gets minimal crusting after the operation. Sapphire tips gives more operation options for giving the angle to channel, for adjusting the distance of grafts, natural look, fast recovery.
You can send your head photos via Whatsapp or email. We need your head photos for 4 different sides. Back, front,near and top. Our doctors will evaluate them as soon as possible.
Regarding to our doctors evaluation, they will give information to our organisation team. Our organisation team will create best package according to your requests (Hotel, transfer,translator and ext.)
According to your flight date, we are creating an appointment with our experienced team. We are performing your first consultation. Regarding to result of it, we are presenting you the best treatment choices.
Our doctors are perfoming local anestesia to head skin. This application is totally painless. We are using the thinnest dental needles. You wont be feel any pain with these needles
You can go work or return to normal life 3 days later. According to FUE technique, there will be any marks on your donor area and it will be recover to natural look in 1-2 weeks. We are taking care to protect your natural look and make your hair growing quick and healthy.
SEM doctors are performing DHI hair transplant operations with implanter pen named is Choi pen . This implanter is providing no pain, no shaving before the operation and more density. The SEM doctors are also using implanters for direct implant to bald area.
The DHI technique gives less damage, quick growing and more strong hair. You won’t be tired after the operation due to DHI implanter technique. We are using local anestesia at the operation. You won’t feel any pain during the operation.
Our doctors are mesuring the distance of your hair in the first consultation. The DHI technique is providing that our doctors are transplanting the grafts regarding to distance of your natural hair. We are using the implanter pen which thinkness is between 0,64 mm and 1 mm. It means they are performing operation regarding to distance of original hairs.
You will take first result in 3 months and also you will take the exact results between 6 and 12 months. We are giving life time warranty for transplanted hairs. Our experienced doctors will provide you the right and natural look.
We are performing beard transplant operations in men as of age 20. The beard transplantation makes you more bushy beards, the closure of the desired scars and different facial expression.
There is no pain in operations thanks to local anestesia. We are using the thinnest dental needles. You wont be feel any pain with these needles.
The SEM doctors are performing the moustache transplant with the same process of beard transplant. The moustache transplant is a medical operation for the reasons of genetic and hormonal problems, good look.
We are performing the moustache transplant with same techniques on beard and hair transplantation. We are using the DHI and FUE technique on moustache transplantations as well.
Moustache transplantions are applying since 20-22 years ,when hormones reach basal levels. It can be genetic as well. It allows you to have thicker and denser moustaches. if there is a lip problem or scar that you want to keep, it is a permanent definitive solution to hide it and make your facial look more natural.
Eyebrow transplantation is a medical aesthetic operation for solving the eyebrow loss due to spillage in time. Eyebrow transplantation, which is much more preferred by women, has recently been demanded by men.
Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the operation.The donor area where the hair follicles will be removed behind the head as usual. This area is anesthetized with local anesthesia and the required number of hair follicles are collected.
The PRP plasma treatment is giving successful results in hair transplantation operations. It is also preferred by many people. The ease of injection is also a factor that attracts patients.
PRP is a kind of biological mixture that is completely extracted from your own blood. We are putting some of your blood into the centrifuge machine. After this process, we are separating the blood depending on its components and make it rich in trombosites. This mixture, which is prepared for PRP plasma treatment, contains platelet, leukocyte, growth factors and concentrated blood compound called stokin. It is performing totally pain free.
PRP plasma treatment can be applied to men or women whose hair is infrequent but has not yet completely loss. The weakening of the hairs, lifelessness and intense losing are the most appropriate patient type for this process. PRP which we have achieved successful results and very popular in recent years.
The main role of PRP treatment is to strengthen your hair and help prevent hair loss. The PRP method is also preferred as a complementary treatment in hair transplantation operations for quick healing of the tissues after surgery in SEM. It is giving positive effects on hair growth and strengthening.
We are preparing a solution for mesotherapy treament which includes vitamins, minerals, keratolytic agents, minoxidil, circulatory enhancers and local anesthetics. Our doctors are appliying this solution to the head skin with sensitive touches by special mesotherapy tools. It is totally pain free.
Sapphire FUE method is same with FUE method and the doctors are using local anestesia in operations without any pain.
An advantage of mesotherapy treatment is, we are performing it for locally only to the desired areas in the hair areas. Hair mesotherapy treatments should be done by a doctor as with other hair treatments.
Sapphire FUE method takes its name from special tools which is producted by sapphire. Our doctors can take more success results with special sapphire tools and the patients will feel more satisfied with it.
Due to local anestesia, you won’t feel any pain during the operation. It is necessary to work very precisely for the surgery to achieve a successful result and the moustache to look natural.
We are perfoming this treatment in SEM if our patients complain about their hair getting thin due to illness or physical reasons. It is possible to return for healthy hair when apply it regularly
We are perfoming FUE method for eyebrow operations. The most important process in eyebrow transplantation is the channel fixing degrees. We are taking care of the naturality. As FUE technique, we are taking the grafts from the back of head which name is donor area. We are seperating the graft according to follicules quantity. We are choosing the best and most quality grafts for eyebrow transplantation.
You can send your head photos via our Whatsapp number or our email. Our doctors will evaluate your photos and will get back to you as soon as possible.
We are performing it together with thermotherapy and massages for more successful results. The hair area is softening with the help of ozonated steam and the pores are opening to be ready for mesotherapy. It is giving minimal precision.
We are giving lifetime warranty for transplanted hairs. At the end of the operation, we are providing you the life time warranty certification. This certification is creating special for you. It will have stamped by SEM.
Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of the nose due to face . As SEM, we attach importance to rhinoplasty as a personalized surgery and work with minimum precision.
Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of the nose due to face . As SEM, we attach importance to rhinoplasty as a personalized surgery and work with minimum precision. Rhinoplasty is not performed only due to aesthetic concerns, but also to find solutions to the health problems which have our patients. In our SEM team we work only with experienced and qualified doctors.
Liposuction is the operation that can be applied to anyone who does not have a systemic health problem, pregnancy or just give a birth. Only to patients with problems such as; heart disease, diabetes etc. before applying we need to determine the health problems, risk factors and should take the necessary precautions before the procedure.
Before the Tummy Tuck surgery you should tell the medical story to your doctor. If you smoke, or drink alcohol you should stop at least 4 weeks before the surgery and 2 weeks after surgery. You should stop to use vitamin E, aspirin, and avoid heavy diets before the surgery. You should be careful to not get cold.
We are performing beard transplantation operation with 2 different techniques. These are FUE Technique and DHI Technique. We are taking all grafts from the donor area for all Techniques.
There are lots of reasons for eyebrow loss. The hormonal problems, get the eyebrow irregularly, skin disease, scars, cosmetic injections, chemiotherapy treatments are the main reasons.
Eyelid plastic surgery is usually performed after the age of 35. Because usually it happens after 35. The position of the eye muscles should be evaluated very well before the eyelid operation. Plastic Surgeons of the SEM will welcome you in the best way.
We are giving lifetime warranty for transplanted hair. Our organisation team will request your current photos every 3 months.
The doctors are using the micro motor machine for taking the grafts one by one like FUE technique. Collected grafts are putting into the Choi pen by our doctors one by one. They don’t need to open any channel in your bald area. The implanter pen is opening channel and fixing the grafts at same time.

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