Well-Known Mistakes (DHI Hair Transplantation Techniques)

DHI hair transplantation method is one of the hair transplantation techniques where we obtain painless and natural results. Also known as pencil hair transplantation or unshaven hair transplantation. DHI hair transplantation is carried out the hair follicles one by one and directly transplanting them to the area with a special (implanter) pen where the hair is needed. The comfort of the patient and the natural appearance of the hair transplantation process depend on the conscious work of the specialist. As SEM, our priority is determined on this way.

Wrong Informations about DHI Hair Transplantation

The internet is the most effective means of acquiring and communicating information, but unfortunately,  there are a lot of wrong information , especially in the field of health. As SEM, we are providing the right, reality and value of the information to people who need in it by the most effective way. For this reason, we would like to share with you the detailed information.

Here is the wrong information and the correct explanations…

- DHI Hair transplantation can only be done by men.

No, generally both (men and women) can easily do the hair transplantation process. Especially DHI hair transplantation technique is the most suitable technique for women because it is done without shaving. In fact, according to statistics, 14.7% of those who have DHI hair transplantation are women.

- DHI Hair Transplantation method is a painful method.

No, DHI hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and the patient does not feel any pain. The process is carried out comfortably. There are many innovations in the field of local anesthesia in the last 10 years, and patients can have this operation by watching TV or reading magazines.

With the pen (implant) which is used in DHI hair transplantation method, the procedure performed faster and more comfortable.

- The DHI Hair Transplantation Method cannot be performed on older patients.

No, there is no age barrier for hair transplantation. Only the important thing is that the hair follicles in the donor area were sufficient and healthy. The only determining factor in hair transplantation is the structure of hair loss. The DHI hair transplantation method is suitable for advanced age because the procedure made faster and easier with the implantable pen tool without damaging the hair follicles.

- Shaved hair, before DHI Hair Transplant Method.

No, thanks to new techniques, hair can be transplanted without shaving. Especially DHI hair transplantation method is already known as unshaved hair transplantation. That why it is preferred especially by women.

Hair Transplant Method

In your interview with SEM, by your hair structure and roots we will choose the most suitable hair transplantation method for you. The important thing is that this process would be done by the most competent people . DHI hair transplantation technique is one of the most popular techniques. With it you can have your natural hair look.

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