How Do We Apply Botox?

Botox is the first treatment which comes to our mind if we have such problem as a wrinkles on our face. This injection very easy to apply, and doesnt leave any scars. Unfortunately, this treatment, which made a lot of mention in recent years, was done by non qualified doctors, because of what the results were bad. The permanent skin problems cause a tissue deterioration and aesthetically bad appereance.  Thats why it should be done by qualified doctors. SEM works only with experienced doctors and pay to much attantion to your needs and your health problems.


Botox is the most preferred method for eliminating traces of aging. It has been used successfully for 10 years.


The application of botox


For Botox applications, you should definitely consult with the right expert. First of all he will make an detailed examination after what he will recommend you the best solution for it. If he wont recommend you the Botox application, he definitely will recommend you something else. Botox not to everyone can be applied.


The structue of your skin should be examined in the area where the Botox will be applied. The preparation is depending on skin type and muscle strcuture.


Before the Botox applications, the specialist applies the cream ( local anethesia ), arround the area where it will be. After it he applies the injection with a small . thin needles. The dose  which should be applied determined in advance.


After the application, you wont feel any pain only you can feel as a fly bites. After the procedure, the cold compress is applied to the face.


Botox treatment is a small procedure. The process takes up to 20 minutes. The injection does not enter under the bloodstream. The effect on the skin is seen within 2 weeks.


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