Can Eyebrow Transplantation Be Performed With FUE Method?

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features we have. Our mimics and eyebrows that express our emotions can have some problems by time as usually happens with hair or may caused by wrong touches. But now, as in hair transplantation, there are healthy solutions for this problem. We can figure it out with the same processes and technologies as it in hair transplantation.  Of course with an expert…

Eyebrow Transplantation is Important for Women

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most preferred treatment especially by women. Since women regularly pull their hair out, by time it can cause problems with the eyebrows, it lose thickness and volume in youth. With the eyebrow transplantation, eyebrows can regain  form and beauty. The thinning of the eyebrows may not only caused because of the regularly removing, it also can be because of the traumas, burns or accidents. As a result, eyebrow transplantation can be used in all cases, the cause of eyebrow loss is not important.

FUE Technique for Eyebrow Transplantation

FUE technique, which is also preferred for hair transplantation, as well can be used in eyebrow transplantation. FUE technique which is applied meticulously in SEM, provides successful results in eyebrow transplantation. Of course, the happiness of our patients is important for us.

First of all the doctor examines the donor region, as it in hair transplantation. The donor area napes between the two ears behind the head because it contains the healthiest and most robust hair. At the same time, the number of grafts for the eyebrow area is also important. This kind of details are very important to make the most accurate application for eyebrow transplantation. Remember that these are the details which need to be considered in terms of the naturalness of the eyebrows.

In the method FUE of eyebrow transplantation, each root is removing from the donor area and transplant into the eyebrow area one by one. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, no pain. Approximately 8 months after the operation, you can see the natural result.

Attention for after Eyebrow Transplant

You should not swim and stay under sun after eyebrow transplantation.
You should not enter in  solarium.
Eyebrows will start to fall eyebrows, it can continue up to 3 months.Don’t panic at this stage because new follicules have begun to settle. As a result, eyebrows may grow faster. You can fix it by cutting it in a controlled manner, but never take it with tweezers. Over time, the eyebrows will become accustomed to new place and the rate of growth will be slow.


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