Our Quality Policy

As SEM, we are working with the principles of special, high quality and comfortable services for our guests in health tourism.

We are committed to the establishment, implementation and development of the health treatment programs in the fields of medica tourism to meet the needs and requirements of our guests who want to benefit from our treatment programs and achieve their expectations and aspirations with the continuous development and improvement of these programs, which are the responsibility of all workers who are also committed to develop their skills and abilities to achieve A high quality business standard that meets the requirements of the quality management system. 

- We are creating fast, high-quality and professional solutions for our guests in their treatment’s before and after process.

- We are providing the best health services all our guests from anywhere in the world on equal terms in Turkey.

- We are using the most appropriate treatment plans for our guests according to following the technological developments in the health sector.

- We are providing the health service to our guests for receiving their treatment comfortable and in accordance with  patient rights.

- We ensure that our patients reach their countries in a healthy and safe way after their treament.

- We are providing the best service in the field of health tourism by synthesizing the understanding of Turkish hospitality and quality service with our contracted organizations and representatives


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