Neck and Double Chin Lift

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In the neck skin with age occur the sagging and prolongation. The angle between the neck and the chin begins to disappear. At earlier age the abundance of the skin can grow, especially at the patients with lower and small jaw and who has the risk of weight loss or getting fat. In overweight people, the skin under the chin, popularly called the tickle area.

Before the neck and double chin lift surgery

At the face and neck skin with age, begins to appear the signs of aging. Along with wrinkles and deep line formations can be an accumulation of skin abundance in the corners of the chin. Vertical bands formed by relaxation of the neck muscles and an abundance of skin under the chin become evident. When these kind of problems appear, aesthetic experts of SEM team recommend you the neck and double chin lift surgery.

How is Neck and Double chin lift performed?

There is not a single procedure for double chin, but many methods, processes, mechanisms, and even cures methods without surgical intervention have proven their worth and have yielded remarkable and sometimes magical results.

The choice of the operation type will depend on the opinion and intention of your doctor, and on the multiplicity of options available to him in relation to your condition and what methods may be effective for you and have very successful results.

The double chin process is often an extension of the face identification process or the neck determination process or both together, the purpose of which is to define and draw the dimensions and features, and we have to overcome obstacles and get rid of the double chin in addition to all the adjustments that the neck and chin must be subjected to by tightening the muscles and skin and removing fat and removal of excess skin, which is a complete surgery performed by using local or total anesthesia.

What you should know before Neck and Double chin lift surgery?

Before the neck and double chin lift surgery, the aspirin- blood thinners, which may increase bleeding, should be stopped. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped 3 weeks before the surgery. Your doctor may give you some recommendations, it should be followed. Your medications and health are evaluated.

Is there any scar after neck and double chin lift?

The appearance of the scars is minimized with special sewing materials. Surgical incisions are made along the natural folds of skin, behind the ear and inside the scalp. Our specialist plastic surgeons in SEM have a big experience in it.

What you should know after Neck and double chift lift surgery?

To speed up the healing process you should apply the ice. The sensation may be lost after surgery but in couple of weeks it will recover. The make up should be done slowly and gently. It is not recommended  to do heavy sports and housework for at least two weeks. Alcohol, steam bath and sauna activities should be avoided for a few months. Sunscreen creams should be used regularly for 6 months. Swelling and bruises will go away in 3 weeks.

Treatment Summary

  • Number of Operations
  • Operation Duration
  • Anesthesia
  • Side Effects
  • Return to Work
  • Full Recovery
  • Permanency
  • Hospitalization

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