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Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty in medical language, is an aesthetic operation that helps flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin.
It is recommended for the patients who has an intense sagging due to relaxation in the abdominal area. This operation is preferred especially by women. It is also can be done by men.

What you should know before the Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Before the Tummy Tuck surgery you should tell the medical story to your doctor. If you smoke, or  drink alcohol you should stop at least 4 weeks before the surgery and 2 weeks after surgery. You should stop to use vitamin E, aspirin, and avoid heavy diets before the surgery. You should be careful to not get cold.

At the first consultation with your surgeon you will discuss about your general health status.. The amount of fat in the abdominal area, and the sagging  determines at the examination. You should tell your doctor about your illnesses, your current health problems (diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, etc.), your food and habits (smoking, alcohol , job, etc.)

Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Who can have a tummy tuck surgery?

Women and men whose body does not respond to diet and exercise, who have sagging abdominal skin are ideal candidates for the surgery. It is especially good for women who gave more than one birth. Before to decide to do it, it is important to make it clear what you want and to share with our doctor. 

What you Should know after the tummy tuck surgery?

Can appear the swelling and pain after the surgery, but pain can be controlled by painkillers. The drains which were prevent fluid accumulation in the operation area, will be taken 1-3 days later and the sutures 2-3 weeks later.

After tummy tuck surgery, your abdomen will be  tightly wrapped. The wrap minimizes swelling and bleeding that may occur after surgery. The drain tubes placed under the skin will be removed  after surgery. The healing process will begin after the removal of stitches.

Treatment Summary

  • Number of Operations
  • Operation Duration
  • Anesthesia
  • Side Effects
  • Return to Work
  • Full Recovery
  • Permanency
  • Hospitalization

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