Who We Are

SEM works with the principle of quality and trustworthy health services in many different fields and we provide solutions in the international arena of health and medical tourism.

SEM's story begins with the motto of “Search, Explore and Make it!’’ and we take our energy and dynamism from Turkey, the “center” of health tourism.

The patients choose to have health services in Turkey to receive effective solutions for their health problems. They can explore Turkish culture, and visit touristic and historical places. “Make it “ symbolizes that the patient that has searched  for a solution to his/her problem takes action,  an energetic step for their self care.

Our logo has a bright sun that represents the brightness of the sun. That is exactly because Turkey experiences four seasons in a year. The sunlight features healing and that symbolizes health for our guests.

Our guests return to their countries as satisfied and healthy after the treatments they receive. They feel like “re-born”.

It is our greatest wealth that they return to their countries with joy, happiness and safety and of course healthy.

Because Sun for SEM means:

• Healing: End of hard days and sunlight brings health.
• The rise of the light means geographically the sun is rising from east.
• Turkey is the tourism and vacation paradise.


Why Turkey is Health Tourism Center?

- Experienced doctors and professionals in all fields of health care system

- Advantageous prices compared to US and Europe

- The charm of Istanbul's mysterious city sight that connects Asia and Europe 

- The historical and cultural heritage of the country

- Treatment, holiday and shopping are safely done together

- Central location of the country

Who We Are

Our History

SEM is a health and tourism agency to present its services in high quality and trust. We are a solution-oriented team  and we offer our best qualified health services to you to achieve your high satisfaction treatments. 

SEM has hair transplantation, IVF treatments, plastic surgery and dental health professionals and experts in their expertise. SEM is working with the principle of ’Health services should be provided to the world with the same quality and with the same confidence” and our strength comes from Turkey's expertise in health sector.

Turkey is especially an important “center” for health and medical tourism, especially in Istanbul for many years. SEM is providing the highest standards for guests, and enables them to reach their highest health appearance with Istanbul highlights, the unique history. Also Istanbul is distinguished from its competitors with its cultural advantages.

SEM is providing their service especially in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, IVF treatment and dental health services since 2009. We did more that 4000 successful operations with a team of professional health specialists, under one common sense: Perfectionism.

We have operational organization experience in especially hair transplantation and all other areas in health tourism and helped many patients to receive the highest quality service since 2009 with our experienced team in the field of hair transplant and health tourism sector.

In order to provide quality services in both health and operation areas, we plan the organization stages including transportation and accommodation services to make our patients feel special. We are taking care of your assistance.

We wish to ensure that our guests can visit the historical and cultural themes of Istanbul, which unites the two continents.

Our contracted institutions

You can contact us to join us as a company that offers supportive services in the fields of health tourism as forwarder or any other services.

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