Otoplasty Operation

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Otoplasty or ear surgery is surgical reshaping of the outer ear. The angel between the auricle and the skull should be 25 degrees, some of the folds of the ear are not clear enough and some of the cartilage tissue is more obvious, it may cause more visibility. This operation, also known as scoop ear surgery, is one of the most practiced surgery in SEM.

Who can do Otoplasty?

The development process of ear is completed at 5-6 years old. It is much easier to operate during this period. But after that period, during adulthood, this operation can be done easily as well.

Otoplasty surgery is performed under the local anesthesia for adults and general anesthesia for children.

What You Should Know before the Otoplasty surgery?

At the the first meeting with our specialists of SEM team you will talk about the condition of your ear and the technique, which doctor will use during operation.

1 week before the surgery you will be asked to stop aspirin. The drugs which you use constantly also should be under the control of your doctor. It is recommended to not smoke for 2 weeks before the operation and 2 weeks after the operation.

Patients who had surgery under the local anesthesia can leave the hospital on the same day. Those who had surgery under the general should stay at hospital overnight.

What you should know after the otoplasty surgery?

At the first day after the surgery dressing should be changed and the hair band should cover the ear. It should stay for 3 weeks. This band will help to the cartilage of the ear that wants to return to its original shape to reduce the load on the stitches. After it the cartilage will take its position. Another function of the headband is to reduce edema after ear surgery. It also prevents the ear from rubbing against the pillow while you sleep.

Sensativity can be lost for some couple of weeks. During this period, hair drying and blow drying should be avoided.

The scars after the otoplasty?

Otoplasty is an aesthetic ear surgery. The incision are made behind of the ear and cant be seen. These scars become invisible in 6-12 months.

Treatment Summary

  • Number of Operations
  • Operation Duration
  • Anesthesia
  • Side Effects
  • Return to Work
  • Full Recovery
  • Permanency
  • Hospitalization

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