What You Need To Know About Eyelid Removal Surgeries

Different symptoms begin to occur on the facial area by age. Skin tissue that succumbs to gravity and reduced collagen begins to create a problems on the face area. The attention is paid to the eye and surroundings on that area. Such problems as goose feet around the eyes, bruising, under-eye collapses, are changing the eyelid sagging. The only solution for that kind of problems is eyelid lift surgery.


Eyelid surgery is not performed only for aesthetic, but also for visual problems which can cause a degeneration of the tissue. The important thing here is to make the face look younger. In this surgery, the surgeon will remove the excess skin tissue. By this operation, the younger and dynamic face is obtained. The face will be rejuvenated.


What is a good age for Eyelid surgery?

Eyelid lifting operations is not performed at young age, when the tissue is more stretched. The problem usually occurs after the age of 35. This surgery does not prevent the new sagging which can be, but it eliminates the existing sagging. The results can remain between 7-8 years everything depends on your skin structure and lifestyle.

How Is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Eyelid surgery is performed under the local anesthesia. You wont feel any pain. The duration of operation is approximately 1-2 hours. After the local anesthesia the surgeon makes  the incision over the natural lines of the upper eyelid. The excess muscle and skin tissue are removed. The important thing is that surgeon should be experienced.

After The Eyelid Surgery

After the eyelid surgery, the patients should apply the cold compress to the eyes to prevent edema. Some swelling is normal after the operation. All medications recommended by the doctor should be taken on time, creams should be applied as described and it is important to rest on your back.


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