What Should Be Done Before And After Hair Transplantation?


Hair transplantation is a surgical operation, and there are important things which you should know before and after surgical operation. This is necessary for your health and for accelerating your healing process. You should pay attention after hair transplant for the fast and healthy healing process.

What should be considered before hair transplantation?

During your first consultation with your doctor who will do the hair transplant operation, you should provide information about your health history without skipping any details. You should share your medication. Your doctor will evaluate which medications you should stop. This is very important for the operation.

One week before the hair transplantation

-You should stop to use blood thinners medications
- 15 days before the operation you should stop to use alcohol and cigarettes
-Multivitamins which contain vitamins B and E should be stopped.
- Herbal tea ( because of the ingridients) should be stopped 3 days before
-Heavy sports should be stopped 1 day before..

In the day of hair transplantation;

- Hair must be clean and washed
- On hair should not be any sprays or another products
- Do not apply medicine to the scalp
- Clothes should be worn so that it can be opened from the front comfortably
- Should not be hungry during the operation


What should be considered after hair transplantation?

Hair transplant operation does not require you to stay in the hospital. After the observation process you can go home. However, you should not drive, you should be accompanied by somebody. The first 48 hours after  operation you should be very careful. The operation area should not be touched at all.

- Alcohol and cigarette are strictly prohibited for the first 3 days after the operation.
- Blood thinners should not be used.
- You should rest.
- Do not touch the hair transplant area
- Medications prescribed by a doctor should be used regularly
  - Do not expose to direct sunlight after operation

You should listen to and follow the recommendations of your doctor. In this way, recovery and successful results are achieved without any complications.

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